Forums are effective areas of discussion on the Internet. It is easy to find out discussion forms about anything. However, it should be considered that the discussion forms should be used actively. For Judaism, the Hebrew Café is a Jewish Forum which is based on Judaism. The forum was opened in 2002, and is actively using by nearly 350 members.
When analyzing the forum, it is easy to find any information about Judaism. Also, members may share their knowledge to each other. On the other hand, the ‘World Religion’ forum does not contain sufficient discussion, because many members may be Jewish and be a supporter of biased and pro-Jewish idologies. It could be easily understood by looking at the overall content of the forum, and discussions.  In discussion, Jewish people act so brutal and scornful to non-Jewish people.
Also, most of the discussion of inter-religious is between Judaism and Christianity. Because of the most Christian people is wondering what is the Judaism and want to learn difference between Judaism and Christianity.

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